What Is The Duration Of Time Marijuana Stays In Your Body?

Marijuana or weed as commonly referred, is a street name for Cannabis Sativa. In days past, it was a drug that was abused by a number but the habit has only become even more prevalent with time. Marijuana, which also goes by a ton of other street names, is a common herb or drug depending on how you look at it that is both useful and yet harmful. Useful because it is used in medical circles and harmful because it has severe adverse effects. The effects include hallucinations and complete impairing of judgment and therefore marijuana is supposed to be taken with extreme caution. It is difficult to know for sure the duration of time marijuana stays in your body but there are a few ways the same can be tested.


Blood is one such way. For marijuana to take effect in any person, it has to be broken down into the bloodstream upon ingestion. Signs of use are only felt after this process has been completed successfully. It is very easy to test the blood and see if a person has used the weed in the recent past, most especially within the past 48 hours. Depending on use by a person though, you can get marijuana in the blood even after a week since the last indulgence. Go here to learn more


The other way you can check is through urine. Marijuana can be found in urine though it doesn't take long in urine either. It follows the very simple logic that anything ingested must be gotten rid one way or another. The by-products of a chemical that is produced upon ingestion of marijuana are soluble fats and usually this may take long to be expelled from the system. So, even though weed can be found in the urine, it doesn't necessary mean that it has any potency, but it does however show that one is a user if found in urine.


Hair is another way to test if a person is a marijuana user. It is the one way that evidence can be collected which show years of marijuana use. What is generally tested is the hair follicles where the root of a person's hair is used for the test. Body hair is even better because it can show marijuana use way further back than the head hair. It however shows the chronic consumption of marijuana. For those who use marijuana frequently, this is the test to fear. Find out more about this here. 

Find out more on growing medical marijuana at http://www.wikihow.com/Grow-Medical-Marijuana.


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